My interest in photography began in my native Chicago in the late 1970s.  Studying at Evanston Art Center and Oakton Community College led me to a fascination with infrared film – and an epic addiction to the darkroom. A move to Los Angeles in 1991 and career pressures pulled me away until retirement from the corporate world in 2005.  Sadly, Kodak High Speed IR film was discontinued in 2007 and my exploration of the infrared spectrum became a fond memory — so back to school at wonderful Glendale Community College to launch me into the digital world.

I’ve stopped thinking in terms of black & white or color photography; it is now a  continuous spectrum from total desaturation through vivid color and anything in between.  How does the image best express itself and reflect the feeling I had when I fired the shutter?  Exploring the world around me, I’ve come to realize that my camera can tell the whole truth, partial truth, or nothing but a bold-faced lie – and  the same goes for me….we’re in collusion.

We don’t know a millionth of one percent about anything.
Thomas Edison

Group Exhibition, Tropico Redux, Brand Library & Art Center, Glendale, CA, 2005

Group Exhibition, Tropico ArtistsCollective, Nickelodeon Studios, Burbank, CA., 2006

Still photographer, short subject film, Tea Time, Cinearts/Knukkahed Productions, 2006

Still photographer, short subject film, Dissonance, Strong Eye Productions, 2006

Group Exhibition, Tropico Artists Collective at Seeley Lofts, Glendale, CA, 2006

Brand 35 Exhibition of Works on Paper, Into the Light, Brand Library & Art Center, Juror: Jim Morphesis, 2007

Group Exhibition: Photo Chimera, 10 California Photographers, Brand Library & Art Center, Good Neighbor Suzanne, Fatal Distraction, Juror: Gloria Williams Sander, 2007

Brand 36 Exhibition of Works on Paper, Dennehy’s Dead Marriage (Eva Mason Award), Her Better Self (Burbank Fine Arts Federation Award), Juror: Lita Albuquerque, 2008

Still photographer, feature film, What Remains, Enter to Exit Productions, 2008

Brand 43 Exhibition of Works on Paper, Nancy’s Celebration, Juror: Jack Rutberg, 2014

Group Exhibition “Magic”,  A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, Tx;  Stay Out, Conjuring Gladys, Waiting for Treament.   Juror: Fran Forman, 2014

9th Annual International Color Awards,  Honorable Mention:  Sao Paulo Market , Runners upAqueduct, Altino Arantes View, San Pedro, 2015

Group Exhibition “Blue”, A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, Tx; Blue Henge.  Juror: Arthur Meyerson, 2015

10th Annual Black and White Spider Awards , Runners up: Steve S, Best Reception, Inside Henry Miller, 2015

Group Exhibition “H2O“,  A Smith Gallery/East Main Grill, Johnson City, Tx; Sunnylands.  Juror:  S Gayle Stevens, 2015

Barnsdall LAMAG Open Call Exhibition, Playtime at JPB, Los Angeles, 2016

10th Annual International Color Awards, runners up: Tartu Dress Shop, Behind the Scenes at the Museum, Broad Window, Sao Paulo, Diver with Petunias, The Mailbox, Tailor, Services Included, 2016

Group exhibition, “Alphabet”, A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, Tx;  San Pedro.  Juror: Carol Golemboski, 2016

11th Annual Black and White Spider Awards, Honorable Mentions: Better Off, Vigilance, Runners up: Back Stairs, Construction, Tube, Mendocino, TV Age, Chinatown, 2016

International Monochrome Awards, Honorable Mention, Stonehenge, 2016

Group exhibition “Quiet Landscape” PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, VT, 2017,  Honorable Mention, Salisbury, Jurors: Jacob and Alissa Hessler

Group exhibition, “Vistas”, A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, Tx;  Siuslaw.  Juror: Dan Burkholder.  November-December 2017

12th Annual Black and White Spider Awards, Nominee: Huntington, 2017